Blast Off

Its' official, today is the first day the WBL blog goes live. 

snoopy rocket salt and pepper.png

This spring semester marks the end of the fourth year of MECA. Pretty soon the weather will get warmer. Before we know it, June will be here and our legacy cohort will have their high school graduation.

Once upon a time, only 5 years ago, MECA was an idea on a piece paper. The challenge for our faculty has been to make this paper come to life. How to build a public high school that is both an early college and CTE school? We are a one-of-a-kind school which accelerates high school into 3 years while also learning career  skills. Not only can a MECA a student earn 30 college credits by the end of their senior year of high school, a student can get a paid internship.

Sha Sha in white shirt and black jacket.

As the WBL coordinator, I have been working to deliver on the promise of making sure our students have received professional training and opportunities to build their career path. Now with over 300 students, it's not so easy to meet with everyone face to face. So I decided that perhaps a blog could be my virtual classroom/bulletin board/newsletter to reach all the members of our community. 

Please visit the blog often, especially if you are a student looking for training or an internship. I will post these as they come in!

I hope you will find this blog useful and wish you a fantastic spring semester! Hope you have a BLAST.

Ms. Carol Sun, MECA's Work-based Learning Coordinator