What happens when a student from MECA joins an Ad industry panel on influencers? FIRE. 

On January 18, 2018, the Advertising Club of NY sponsored a panel discussion in a series designed to highlight and understand influencers and their power in media.  Hosted in the KBS media agency offices, the discussion titled The Next Rise of the Gen Narrators Event: What the @?!*;! is an influencer? sought to define what exactly an "influencer" is and how to reach their loyal audience.

Through MECA's partnerships with Mr. Benoit and the 4A's, MECA Junior, Isabell Rambarran, received an invitation to the event, not as a member of the audience but, as an influencer and member of the panel! 

Despite being the only HS student on the panel, Bell quickly showed she belonged alongside industry pros by taking the stage front-and-center, literally and figuratively, as she answered panel questions, gave her opinions, and offered insights into the mind of influencers and the millennial generation and the relationship between them, while showing poise and shinning in the spotlight, in true MECA fashion.

The discussion was moderated by Gbenga Obafemi, an artist/filmmaker, and creative culturist. Other panelists included Kelly Augustine, influencer and marketing consultant, Tom Bontempo, President of Attention Global, Joseph Segarra, Lifestyle Marketing and Promotions at Def Jam Records, and Dahcia Lyons-Bastien, Co-Founder and CMO of Shade Agency and

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Panelists introduce themselves.

Bell offers her insights into the influencer's relationship to their audience and the channels with which the engage with.
Bell defines authenticity in the social media landscape and content creation as it relates to audiences.
Bell discusses the responsibility an influencer has to their audience.
Bell sets the record straight on the role of youth in society and their ability to lead into the future.
Bell talks about brand appeal and what that means.