How much does it cost to live on your own in NYC?

As students start to plan their career path, they will need to consider their aspirations for the future. Not only what career would they like to have, but what are their lifestyle needs?

Where do you want to live? In a house? In an apartment? Do you see yourself living in a big city? Or maybe you prefer a suburb or like being out in the country?

It is important to determine if your lifestyle aspirations can be supported by the wages you can earn in your chosen career. 


Do you know how much it costs to live where you would like to be? What is the rent for a one or two bedroom apartment? How much does it cost to buy food or for transportation?

If you are considering living on your own in New York City, here is a good article about two young men who are going to college at NYU who wanted to live on their own while they went to NYU.

How much does it cost to start living on your own in NYC?