Building My Career by JEFRY LOPEZ RINCON

As a student in New York City public schooling system where competition is relentless, I am lucky to say that I have acquired many experiences that people my age can’t say they have received. At Manhattan Early College School for Advertising (MECA), I was assigned many projects that required the use of visual thinking. Though my art skills needed to be developed further, my art teacher Ms. Sun noticed my tenacity, and knack for creating and delivering exceptional presentations. Ms. Sun worked with me and recommended that I apply for lan internship that I would never forget.

 In January, MECA offers intensives where students can choose from a multitude of classes such as internship prep, website design and creative writing. These intensives enable students to acquire professional soft skills that are truly beneficial.  In January 2016, I participated in an intensive at Museum of Art and Design (MAD) were I learned how to give museum tours. At the end, we were told about a great summer internship at the Museum called "Artslife". I applied and was one of the ten students selected for the this program out of four hundred interviewed.

January 2016, Jefry and his team collecting information to use in the museum tour.

January 2016 at MAD Museum Intensive, Jefry's first experience at the museum learning about the goals of the intensive (left) and working with his team to gather information to be used in their museum tour.

This internship was eye-opening to me, not only did I meet people from around the world,  I was also able enhance my communication skills. With my newfound ability to network, doors continued to open for me. When I finished the internship I got a call from my supervisor (Julia) and she offered me another job during spring break, explaining that I would be in chargepp of training six New York City high school teens on how to improve their public speaking skills. Through teaching others, I became a more eloquent and dynamic speaker. More importantly, I was able to catapult my leadership skills. I am more responsible, more observant and I strive to inspire and help others achieve their goals.

My leadership skills were also observed by my supervisor. She was so impressed that she promoted me to student leader for the Artslife program. There was no greater feeling than accelerating from a mentee to a mentor. I now teach the  interns at the museum how to make elevator pitches that will lead to them finding new internships so that they can advance in the workplace.

These wonderful and amazing experiences have been a blessing.  I have had the opportunity to attend many galas, charity events and other networking socials. My strong foundation of work-based learning at MECA is the catalyst to my  incredible opportunities.  I am grateful to MAD and MECA for educating me and guiding me, I am confident that this is only the beginning of my successful career.


jefry portrait.jpg

JEFRY LOPEZ RINCON is a student at the Manhattan Early College School for Advertising. He has interned at the Museum of Arts and Design and at the advertising agency JWT in their Young Commodores program. A hard working individual, Jefry believes that if you set your mind to something and work hard you can become a successful person in life . At MECA Jefry is a school ambassador and an honor student. This fall he lead our first student team to compete in the Ad Futures competition. As an outstanding student who has consistently demonstrated interest in a business career he is one of 19 MECA students who were awarded a 4A's Advertising Internship for Juniors in January 2018.