A.S. IN BUSINESS (Digital marketing)

Business Administration at BMCC is a two-year, 60-credit course of study leading to an A.A. degree. The coursework includes general liberal arts requirements as well as 12 credits in basic business. This program has been specifically designed to provide a strong liberal arts background to students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business at a senior college.

Multimedia arts and technology

The Media Arts and Technology (MEA) Department provides a dynamic education in the fast growing field of digital design and communication technology. From computer graphics to web design, and from programming for games and animation to storytelling in HD video, the MEA department offers a variety of courses and concentrations focused on the exciting future of media in the post digital age. MEA studies can lead students to positions in the film and television industry, electronic journalism, web design and development, audiovisual production, advertising design, game design, audio design, animation, and the entertainment industry.

The MEA Department combines extensive hands-on experience with theoretical coursework in a comprehensive academic program. MEA students work in a state-of-the-art digital environment in BMCC’s media labs, television studios, audio studio, and post-production laboratories.

A.S. in Multimedia Programming and Design

The Multimedia Programming and Design Program prepares students for careers in a variety of "multimedia industries", companies and institutions that develop, produce or market multimedia products, programs or services. The program instructs students in the design and programming of computer-based interactive products that incorporate text, graphics, sound,animation and video. It also develops different types of talent, both creative and technical,with the imperative that each understands the work of the other so that they can collaborate effectively. Students must complete a specialization in multimedia programming, art and design or video production in addition to the general and core requirements.

A.S. in Animation and Motion Graphics

The Animation and Motion Graphics program provides students with the fundamentals of two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) animation, motion graphics, and special effects. Once necessarily hand-made, expensive and rare, animation has undergone a technical transformation and is now a ubiquitous part of special effect, advertising campaigns, video games, movies, and television.

A.S. in Video Arts and Technology

The Video Arts and Technology Program provides a dynamic education in video, audio and television production. The program prepares students for positions in the entertainment industry, electronic journalism, audiovisual production companies, broadcast and cable networks, and corporate communications departments. It combines extensive hands-on experience with theoretical coursework in a comprehensive academic program.

VAT students work in a digital environment in BMCC's state of the art television studios, audio studio, and postproduction laboratories. Students learn the entire process for creating professional video and audio programs from writing a script and creating a budget, to shooting a scene and editing a final cut. All VAT students do an internship at a professional media facility.