The curriculum and sequence of experiences for MECA students is based on an academic and professional road map that is developed collaboratively and regularly updated by MECA teachers, BMCC professors, and industry professionals. It is through this intense planning process that the school ensures all students are equipped with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in college and career.

As a result of this goal, the school emphasizes a curriculum where students experience real world learning and problem solving that is enriched by a variety of meaningful work experiences in advertising agencies and media firms across the city. These work experiences include mentoring, job shadowing, special seminars, internships, and apprenticeships.

Depending on their individual needs and interests, graduates will be prepared for immediate professional employment in media and advertising or will be supported in transferring to four-year colleges to continue their education.


MECA Schedule 

The base MECA schedule runs from 8:25 am - 2:45 pm.  All students begin the day with a 30-minute advisory period.  Following the advisory period, students have two 80-minute morning academic classes, lunch, and then two 80-minute afternoon academic classes. Everyday MECA offers a variety of after school activities including tutoring, clubs, special trips, and PSAL sports.  

9th grade students follow the base MECA schedule.

10th grade students have an extended day until 4:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays when they take their first college classes.

11th grade students spend two mornings per week at BMCC taking college classes. Depending on the course, these classes can begin as early as 8:00 am.  After their BMCC classes, students return to MECA.

12th grade students are based primarily at BMCC and take all of their classes on the college campus.  They return to MECA for one afternoon per week in order to take PE and to receive college and career counseling.

Year 5 & 6 students split their time between BMCC, where they take classes toward their declared major, and a 25-hour per week paid internship.  These students return to MECA once every two weeks for a check-in with the internship coordinator.